After Weeks Of Anthem NFL Protests , Referees Punch Back & Do The Unbelievable During Game

NFL Protesters !!

The controversy surrounding the NFL’s National Anthem protests has been one of the hottest topics this year especially after President Trump called out NFL’s owners to step up toe the plate and start firing these players who take a knee.

Ever sine then NFL’s ratings have plummeted, ticket sales have dropped, and fans have boycotted.

But now referees are sick of what’s going on and are beginning to chime in on the situation. On Friday, two high school football referees walked off the field after players from Monroe High School in New Jersey knelt during the national anthem. The two referees were Ernie Lunardelli and his son Anthony Lunardelli. They stood for the national anthem while several players took a knee, and then they walked right off the field after it ended.

After the game Ernest, the father, said:

 NFL Protesters
NFL Protesters

“I’m not in favor of anyone disrespecting our country, our flag, the armed forces. What they’re protesting has nothing to do with the national anthem and I’m against it, so I decided to protest for them kneeling and that’s what I did.”

He said weeks before the incident that he had warned the league’s assigner of games that he would walk off the field if players kneeled — and it looks like he has done just that.

“Whoever is disrespecting that flag and the national anthem, that’s who I have a problem with. That’s my protest. I don’t care if it’s a baby, if it’s an 80-year-old man, anybody. I don’t care. Any race, color, I don’t care who it is. It’s not the way I was brought up and it pisses me off that people are doing that.”

They were prepared for the backlash and had a lawyer set up out of fear that they would “try to blackball” them. Ernie stated, “what hurts the most is these kids don’t even know why they’re kneeling.”

“I just don’t understand why this is happening, especially at the high school level. If you’re not happy with being in America, go somewhere else. It’s that simple.”

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