Citrus diet: For 2 weeks lose weight 6 kg

Citrus diet effectively soften fat and exploitation it you’ll be able to melt off up to six kilo in exactly a pair of weeks.

The primary reason why this diet is suggested that regulate the systema digestorium. in step with nutritionists lemon, grapefruit, orange and tangerine is wealthy in citrus acid that stimulates the secretion of abdomen juices, thereby up digestion.


The diet is fairly easy, however there square measure many strict rules.

1. it’s necessary each morning to drink juice and orange created with lukewarm water, tea and occasional to attenuate. Avoid alcohol, sweets and effervescent drinks.

2. day ought to gnaw at least five servings of citrous fruit. throughout the day a minimum of one meal should contain juice and zest.

3. On this diet won’t count calories, however we want to retain the precise saatnica. The meals ought to be at identical time.

4. Avoid foods like bread, rice, potatoes and cornflakes as a result of they raise blood glucose and deposited additional fat. Eat rice, inexperienced vegetables, macromolecule and fruit with alittle proportion of sugars.

5. Avoid processed foods. Instead, eat food. it’s suggested that each lunch and dinner have a dish of contemporary vegetables.

6. don’t make it with lean food, as a result of the body wants some fat. it’s best to use food unsaturated fatty acids like animal oil.

7. it’s necessary to regular physical activity for 0.5 associate degree hour every day.

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