Democrat Rep. Gutierrez tells church that Trump must be ‘eliminated’ from presidency [VIDEO]

Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.) gave a scathing speech against the immigration and environmental policies of President Donald Trump, and called for the community to fight against him to “eliminate” him from office.

Speaking Saturday from the sanctuary of the Lincoln United Methodist Church in Chicago, Gutierrez said that he would make sure a Democrat-controlled Congress would issue articles of impeachment against Trump to “eliminate him as the president of the United States of America.”

“You know what a criminal is?” he asked. “Someone who takes health care away from 33 million people is a criminal!”

“Someone who uses his executive authority to turn away people fleeing devastation,” he continued. “Devastation! Have you seen the children? Have you seen the faces of those fleeing Syria?”

“And he says no,” he continued, “you cannot come to this country and seek refuge. To me, that is a criminal.”

Gutierrez said Trump was more of a criminal than illegal immigrants who came to the United States, saying that they work miserable jobs.

The illegal immigration advocate also thanked other Democrat politicians for doing their part in keeping Chicago a “sanctuary city,” to “protect the community.”

Trump promised during the campaign trail that he would shut down sanctuary cities and former President Obama’s “Dream Act” that gave amnesty to illegal aliens. Rep. Gutierrez has been a stalwart critic and opponent to Trump’s policies.

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  • Christopher Morvant

    What idiots elected this moron? Using a church to voice political opinion is deplorable. Attempting to make policies that aren’t criminal in the least into impeachable offenses is not just deplorable, it’s lunacy. This man does not belong in office, impeach him, and I don’t mean President Trump.

  • Randy Sieg

    He is a member of congress… President Trump is giving the legislature 6 more months to fix the problem and do their job… instead of being on endless breaks and fund raising tours perhaps he and others should take the time to do what they were elected to do… quit blaming the president for your do nothing but mentality… if you don’t like the law then work within the constitutional system laid forth to change it….without the extension this program would have just expired and everyone involved would have been subject to the rule of law… why not shut up and fix the problem…

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