This drink could save your life – Healthy live

Instead of shopping for an entire bag of medicines, try and solve the matter naturally.
The secret lies in people drugs supported lemon and parsley.


– 1kg lemons
– five bunches parsley
– 3l water
– one little bag bicarbonate of soda

Wash the lemon, then dip it in heat water to that antecedently dilute sodium hydroxide. Let stand one hour.

Meanwhile chop the parsley in little items or grind it in a very liquidizer, then do identical with skin.

Parsley and lemons place them in a very bowl and pour them with three liters of water. Cook at temperature for two to three hours.

bunches parsley

When smart boil, strain the water or sweetening obtained. There ought to be concerning one.5 liter.

Keep juice in a very glass bottle or jar.


Every morning drink one cup of this hard drink sweetening on associate empty abdomen, a pair of weeks while not interruption. build week break, and if necessary, repeat the procedure.

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