Lynch’s Emails Just Leaked From Tarmac Meeting With Bill Clinton… SEE BEFORE DELETED

There are new documents that are being released by the American Center for Law and Justice.

They show that members of the mainstream media are colluding with Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

This is shocking.

The Department of Justice colluded with the Washington Post and New York Times Magazine to “tamp-down” stories relating to the Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s meeting with former President Bill Clinton. “The results are shocking,” the non-profit legal advocacy group said.

“We have just obtained hundreds of pages in our ongoing investigation and federal lawsuit on former Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s tarmac meeting with former President Bill Clinton while the Department of Justice (DOJ) and FBI had an ongoing criminal investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email.”

“First, the Comey FBI lied to us. Last July, we sent FOIA requests to both the Comey FBI and the Lynch DOJ asking for any documents related to the Clinton Lynch plane meeting. The FBI, under the then directorship of James Comey, quickly replied that ‘No records responsive to your request were located.’”

According to our source, Liberty Writers, now, when the records have become available it is “clear that there were multiple records within the FBI responsive to our request and that discussions regarding the surreptitious meeting between then AG Lynch and the husband of the subject of an ongoing FBI criminal investigation reached the highest levels of the FBI.”


“The big bombshell in this is the Washington Post reporter saying, ‘I am hoping I can put it to rest.’ The New York Times reporter apologetically says he is being pressed into service to cover the story… A DOJ press official says, ‘I talked with the ABC producer he said he’s not interesting in covering it even if FOX goes with it,” Liz McDonald said.

“This is collusion between reporters, specifically the Washington Post, and the Department of Justice,” Stuart Varney added.

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