IT’S OVER!! ESPN’s Next Move Will Rain DEATH On The NFL … They’ll NEVER Bounce Back

National anthem protests have plummeted approval ratings for the NFL, but the situation just got worse: it looks like ESPN could give Monday night football the axe, according to The Daily Caller.

There are reportedly several reasons it would make sense for the network to abandon the longstanding Monday night ritual.

First, ESPN somehow managed to ninja their way out of contractual language that requires they carry NFL games in exchange for individual subscription fees. This means that while it’s true distributors would likely lose their minds should the network drop the games, it’s nevertheless open for negotiation.


Second, the network can’t possibly ignore that ratings have been consistently on the decline since 2015. With coverage costing ESPN a whopping $15M, it could make sense to cut their losses and move on.

Quite frankly, who could be sad to see the great ESPN empire fall after everything it’s done to ostracize conservative viewers since Trump was elected last year?

A move like this one would inevitably devastate the NFL as well, which has simultaneously upset Trump supporters with the national anthem protests that have dominated headlines all season long.

And just when the organization thought the controversy had taken a turn for the better, the Houston Texans staged a massive protest on Sunday in response to team owner Bob McNair’s comments that they “can’t have the inmates running the prison.”


Here’s a tweet:

The NFL’s situation seems to get worse with every week.


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  • James

    They deserve everything that happen to them. The owners could have stop all the problems when it started but want to be the players FREIND. Well now the owners are losing money and their FREINDS could care less. The owners need to grow their balls back and run the teams like businesses. They haven’t learn the friendship and business dealing don’t work with so called friends. Well owners look what your so called friendship with the players are costing you. But again they are your friends now that crap is hitting the fan where are the owners friends now. The players sure in the hell aren’t returning your friendship. So you have pissed off half of America and the players are rallying to help the owners gain the people back right?? Well owner wake up and smell what you have been shoveling where are your friends now. The players could care less about the owners and have been showing it. The owners are just to stupid or blind to see what their convict are doing. Owner you shit in your own nest and the players are shitting all over you hope it smell good you are paying for it.

  • Joe Sutter

    James is correct. There is no country on the planet that would continue to put up with these trouble making thugs. Hell I’ll bet none of them could even explain exactly what it is they want, short of making laws easier to follow for Blacks and muslims.

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