“IT’S HARD TO TAKE YOU SERIOUSLY!” Tucker takes on Anti-gun Activist!


On his program tonight, Tucker Carlson faced off with an anti-gun activist who supports the Seattle gun tax, despite the fact that the city’s murder rate has increased since the tax has been in place.

Mark Glaze said the tax, which puts a $25 surcharge on every firearm sold in the city and up to five cents per round of ammunition, was intended to raise money to further study gun violence.

“The whole point of all of this, the whole point of the studies is to reduce gun violence, and it doubled,” Tucker countered. “And so, it’s hard to take you or people like you seriously if you don’t let the data drive your conclusions.”

He said the original claim was that this tax would make the city safer, declaring “it’s a failure.”

Glaze said Seattle gun violence is rising because of warring gangs, and nobody in the city actually thought a $25 tax would be a “magic silver bullet.”

He said the next steps are to have dramatically fewer guns – through a buyback program – and then make them dramatically harder to get.

Tucker pointed out that a buyback program, like what happened in Australia, isn’t voluntary, but instead a confiscation.

“Is that the plan? To take people’s guns by force?” Tucker asked. “Good luck with that.”

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