Defense Secretary General Mattis isn’t one to mess around, and he just let the world know with a massive announcement about the Islamic State terror group (ISIS).

Throughout his campaign, President Trump promised that if he were to win, America’s weak-kneed approach to fighting ISIS would come to an end, and he’d put in place people who would take the fight straight to the terrorist savages. Enter Marine Corps Gen. James Mattis, a battle-hardened veteran who knows a thing or two about how to eliminate an enemy.

Under Obama, ISIS gained major ground throughout the Middle East, at one point controlling a large enough territory across Iraq and Syria to declare it their “caliphate,” where those living there were subjected to the most brutal interpretation of Sharia Law. However, with the new sheriff in town has come an entirely new strategy to defeat the ISIS barbarians, and that strategy seems to be working wonders, as General Mattis just declared the U.S. has annihilated over 95 percent of the group.

General Mattis Check it out:


The Conservative Tribune has more on the awesome revelation:

During a meeting of NATO defense ministers last week in Brussels, U.S. Defense Secretary James Mattis proudly announced that 95 percent of the Islamic State group has been eradicated.

“Our nations’ dedication to defeating the terrorist enemy is evident in the progress we have made since our last gathering here … 95 percent of the territory once held by ISIS is now liberated, and our partners continue to secure more each day,” he said, according to the Defense Department.

“Mosul, Tal Afar and Hawijah have been liberated; efforts to liberate the final pockets of ISIS-held territory in Anbar province are progressing rapidly,” he added.

General Mattis Video below :

The turning point in the war against ISIS occurred when the U.S.-back coalition of forces was able to eradicate them from their self-declared capital of Raqqa, Syria. However, the reason we’re able to keep the brutal terror group at bay is that military leaders are closely monitoring the region for activity from ISIS, then reacting as soon as they notice the group’s presence.

“Despite these successes our fight is not over,” he said. “Even without a physical caliphate, ISIS remains a threat to stability in the recently liberated areas, as well as in our homelands.”

He added that this is why NATO’s efforts must continued undeterred, regardless of the numerous victories they’ve thus far notched.

“Every battlefield is also a humanitarian field,” he said. “Even after the fighting stops, (it’s) something we must hold actively in our operations as a situation that cannot be overlooked.”

Sadly, while this is important news that marks a major milestone for the Trump administration, the media seems more infatuated with non-existent collusion with Russia, President Trump’s tweets, and whatever other trivial issue they can report on, rather than report both a success and a campaign promise being kept by the President. So it’s up to us to get the word out, since it’s evident the mainstream media has become the enemy of the people.


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