Rep Gutierrez Accuses Trump Of Holding 800,000 Illegal Aliens Hostage

Representative Luis Gutierrez said he would refuse to negotiate with President Trump because he is holding the approximately 800,000 DREAMer’s ‘hostage’.

“Let them down by joining Republicans and not allowing them to live in a free space and allowing them to get out of this hostage situation that they find themselves in and become citizens of the United States. Because those kids, Katy, are as American as my children, in everything but a piece of paper,” said Gutierrez in an interview with MSNBC’s Katy Tur.

“And just like my — this is Christmas, Katy. What does anybody think you should do in a meeting days before Christmas? It’s a holiday season of peace and harmony and family, and I want peace and harmony and family values for those immigrant families, too,” said Gutierrez.


Then Tur asked: “What would you be willing to give the Republicans or give this president for protection for DREAMers? Os a wall, part of the wall, funding for the wall on the table potentially?”

“I don’t negotiate with hostage-takers,” responded Gutierrez. “The DREAMers have already fulfilled all their requirements, all of them once, the vast majority of them twice. … I say, look, the president of the United States said — even Donald Trump said, they’re great. And I’m going to do something special and important, something great for them, which he always says just about everything. So why can’t he just keep his word at least on one thing? And I’m saying to Democrats, there’s no reason to negotiate about this. It’s about a budget deal, right? And within the constructs of a budget deal,” he said.


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