Hillary Is Panicking Over These Brutal Words Judge Jeanine Just Said On Live TV [VIDEO]

Judge Jeanine just put the pedal to the floor and hit the gas full throttle on Hillary Clinton – crime, Robert Mueller, James Comey, Loretta Lynch, Debbie Wasserman Shultz, John Podesta, and so many others in her epic rant about the cabal of swamp creatures who need to all go.

Her epic rant explains how while simultaneously blaming President Trump and his family of colluding with Russia, the swamp were the ones pulling all of the strings and this might be one of the most epic rants in television history.


Watch Judge Jeanine Pirro Brutally Delivers Fatal Blow To The Swamp:

Judge Jeanine


She begins to talk about how the Obama house of cards started the Trump-Russia connection conspiracy while Hillary and the DNC paid $12 million fora dossier to attempt to make the connection.

This dossier was not just created to smear the president, but also used to create a special counsel, make a basis for congressional hearings, and make the basis for wall to wall anti-Trump coverage. In addition the dossier was used as a predication for investigations, wiretaps, unmasking, and FISA warrants.


So now that we know that the DNC and the swamp were the ones behind this, it makes everything that came after it ILLEGAL and UNUSABLE. This has all been charade.

They have made up a crime, accused the other side of the crime, called their friends to prosecute the crime, as their friends collected the cash involved in the very deal making that is the essence of the crime itself.

Her eight minute long rant speaks volumes and she calls out every swamp creature who needs to be taken down for these corrupt and crooked dealings.

We need to pray for Judge Jeanine Pirro’s safety because the swamp will do anything to keep their power. Let’s help her message get everywhere so we can take these crooks down! Share this like crazy!

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  • James Burwell

    I don’t care what happens to the Senators and Congress,but I do Care about PRESIDENT TRUMP!!!! He is the best PRESIDENT EVER!!! I don’t care if it is tomorrow or the day after that but PRESIDENT TRUMP Is and will Continue to be our PRESIDENT!!! I know another thing if Hillary thinks she will run for President she will FAIL TO TAKE THE OATH OF OFFICE! We will see her dead before that will happen!

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