Identity of the Man Who Shot a Police Officer on Thanksgiving Exposed – Media Ignore It

Police officers all over America have put up with heavy scrutiny on behalf of liberals and Democrats, who insist the blue collars are nothing but aggressive play-pretend Gods of power who do as they please. What they failed to inform as their hatred spilled across the country was the fact that these brave men and women sacrifice everything they have to serve this country selflessly and proudly.

Police Officer


In fact, there were so many police officers killed in 2016 alone, that the situation is asking for immediate reactions.

The number of fallen officer s stemmed mostly from Dallas and Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

As of Jan. 1, a total of 135 officers were declared dead. With the small exception of policemen who dies in car accidents, the rest goes to downright murder.

Compared to last year’s statistics, this is a staggering increase in fatalities, or 56 percent to be exact.

The most common death cause was an ambush, claiming the lives of more than two dozens of policemen.

Just in time for Thanksgiving, actually, a cop was slain at a traffic stop.

This is what happened.

A Texas state trooper and father-of-three was killed by shooting on Thanksgiving Day. The case asked for an immediate reaction and finally an arrest of the suspect.
The shooting began in Fairfield, around 90 miles south of Dallas. Highway patrol trooper Damon Allen pulled the suspect over regarding a traffic violation. After speaking to the suspect, Allen went back to his car but was gunned down after the suspect pulled out a rifle and shot the cop dead on the scene.

Allen, 41, was a husband and father of three who joined the department in 2002,’ the department said.

The shooter, now exposed to the public as Dabrett Montreal Black, was soon apprehended and taken into custody in Brazos County.

Black was wounded in the chase, after which he was taken to a hospital to seek medical care. To the policeman’s grieving family, our hearts are broken and we shall pray for you.

The funeral will take place Friday at 10 a.m. at the Mexia High School stadium.

May he rest in peace and may we learn of humanity and tolerance in the future.

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