What Girls Really Think Of A V8 Mustang [Girl Does Crazy Donuts VIDEO]

I’ve been driving a 5.0-litre V8 Mustang for a couple of months now, and the thing that’s always made me laugh is the reaction the car gets from girls. Here’s what they really think of it!


This is ‘my’ Ford Mustang. I say ‘my’, because it does in fact belong to Ford who have given me the car for a few months in the hope that I’ll write some nice stuff about it as a kind of ownership experience (if that’s what you want to read about, then here’s a link). The Mustang is also pretty famous, and not only because it’s appeared on CT multiple times, but because it’s the exact same car that you will see in an episode of The Grand Tour.

But aside from its fame and what it’s like to live with, there’s one thing that I’ve failed to mention. And that’s the reaction this car gets from girls. Now because approaching random women in the street to ask “What do you think of my V8 Mustang” is apparently considered creepy, I used my girlfriend and her best friend as our guinea pigs to extract the vital information you will read below; it was their shrieks from the back seats that inspired this feature, after all.

So, in their own words, here’s what they think of it…

Like: It looks like a beast and I love it


“I know I probably shouldn’t like it, but I don’t care. It looks like a beast and I love it! The fact that it’s bad on fuel and obnoxious makes me like it more too, and it’s funny that people always turn around to see what’s making all the noise. It’s a bit like a GT-R: big, brash and bold.”


Don’t Like: Sitting in the back

ford mustang

“There’s really good legroom in the back, but the roof is too low, meaning that I hit my head on the window over bumps. I also don’t like getting in and out of the Mustang. The seat doesn’t go forward enough, so getting out with a dress can be undignified.”


Like: It always makes me giggle


“The noise of it and the constant throwing back of your head every time you accelerate always makes me smile and laugh. I also like that when you drive it normally, it’s really smooth. But mostly, I like going through tunnels and hearing the V8.”


Don’t Like: Too many buttons

mustang insade

“I don’t like how many buttons there are on the dashboard, and I have no idea what the metal toggles do either. It’s just too much, too messy. I also don’t like the infotainment system. It’s slow and fiddly and not as good as most of the new cars, especially from Germany. Also, another annoying thing is the fact that the handbrake is on the left, so when I lean right, I always hit it, meaning I have to consciously lean away.”

Laura + Rhianne.

Girl Does Crazy Donuts Mustang BadASS

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  • Stuart K

    Who would want to be around these “women” ?? Men, drop ungrateful, ‘entitled’ women off at the curb, and let them walk home. They have no clue how culture, civilization and relationships work on this planet. Be #NICE …to each other, both #MEN and #WOMEN.

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