NFl Player Approaches a Soldier Holding a Flag Before the Game…No One Could Foresee What Followed Next

The NFL protests brought the League not only a massive amount of backlash but also gave them a run for their money, as ratings, viewership, ticket sales and attendance came to an awful new low. Players seemed uninterested or unaware the side effects of their anthem-hating protests would be of such magnitude, with some protesting even these past couple of weeks. Despite the league’s efforts to pay attention to the ground rules that come with the anthem, meaning no player should kneel anymore, not only no one was sanctioned if kneeling did occur, but players seemed careless to obey the sports organization’s provisions. Even so, there are still teams that can shock the nation.


When the Arizona Cardinals receiver ran towards a U.S. Airman to confront him, many remained jaw-dropped and in disbelief at his move.

Larry Fitzgerald, 33, is currently playing his 14th NFL season and had always been known for bringing instant results on the field, but the way he treated an Airman present on the field prior to the game, painted a whole different picture of him.

Unlike others, who don’t give two dimes for either the national anthem or the national flag, Fitzgerald managed to stay decent.


Fitzgerald’s statistics suggest he has 31 catches, 361 yards and five touchdown receptions in five games, which is equal to the whole Jets team.

Jets coach and former Cardinals defensive coordinator Todd Bowles answered, ‘I don’t have any bad ones. Larry’s one of those guys who you look up his past and everything else and it looks squeaky clean — as far as I know. Larry’s been nothing but great to me . . . He’s a very giving person off the field. He’s very respectful, a very competitive guy on the field works at it, very intelligent. Him and Brandon [Marshall] are similar that way. But I don’t have anything bad to say about Larry.’”


It is difficult to say those same things of Marshall who was the first to join Colin Kaepernick in the kneeling trend. His protests and his engagement with the team are still ongoing, which puts the team in a quite divisive position. however, larry set himself apart from the pack and the team’s last game, he helped an Airman fix his hat as the flag was being spread.

Fitzgerald noticed that the Airman’s hat has fallen off as he stood, holding the flag. Out of respect for the flag, the Airman did nothing and continued the ceremony, so Larry approached him and helped him put his hat back on.


As plain as this gesture may seem, it speaks volumes about the kind of man Larry is. To him, not everything revolves around hating America’s symbols and those who serve the country. This is the type of behavior the Dallas Cowboys set their players up for, instead of disgusting kneeling, which was clearly a no-go, according to the team’s rulebook.

In my mind, everyone could learn a little something from Larry, who is an African-American, but understands where a person’s values should stand.

“Jason Garrett doesn’t do this often. But Arizona receiver Larry Fitzgerald is so good, he made an exception,” Sportsday reported. “The Cowboys head coach has put together a tape of Fitzgerald to show his players how to play the game.”


“I see a great player,” Garrett said. “I see a guy who plays the game the right way. He’s one of those guys, and this doesn’t happen very often, but we’ve used him as an example in front of our team of how to play. He’s a special player. He’s a special guy. Talk about an ambassador for the NFL. He represents everything that’s good about this game, one of the premier players of his generation. He practices the right way. He plays the right way. He does it with the right spirit. He’s a generous guy with his teammates, he’s a generous guy with guys around the league. His role in the community has been incredible.”

It is comforting to see there are still a few good men out on the field, and especially to see that some of those few good men are blacks, which directly contradicts with the othe rplayers’ protests. Although in the protesters case, this was a method to demonstrate their rebellion against racism and police brutality, it now begins to look a whole lot like that liberal-fabricated drama we were aware was happening.

Kudos to you Larry, you stood your ground.

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