AMEN! Every NFL Player Is FREAKING Out Over What Sheriff Clarke Just Said On Live TV – VIDEO

Sheriff Clarke just gave his take on NFL players kneeling for our national anthem and he didn’t hold back one bit. His message is going viral and rightfully so, it’s a MASSIVE truth bomb.

“It takes approximately two minutes and twelve seconds to sing the National Anthem.”

“If the players can’t stand at attention it means their undisciplined.”

“I’m not even saying they have to put their hands over their hearts; Stand at attention, face the flag for two minutes and twelve seconds.”


“Look, their dying the deaths of a thousand cuts and Roger Goodell has lost control of this thing and now he’s afraid…”

“He’s afraid that if he imposes a policy that they have to stand at attention and face the flag that they won’t do it and then the question becomes now what?”

His Message Sent CHILLS Down Everyone’s Spines. Take a Look:

“But he let this thing spiral out of control… Look the tail is wagging the dog here. The league has the authority to set rules of procedures for their employees. Players are employees.”


“Then i heard NFL owners are going to meet in Chicago to discuss this and I thought to myself…”




AMEN! What is so hard about doing that? Sheriff Clarke has it absolutely right! These NFL brats are just about as spoiled as they come. They are employees at a job and their job should have procedures in place to follow.

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  • Great comment from a man who makes Common Sense . Some of the players have grief with the police but they can protest that anger of the field , not when they are at work and performing for the fans that paid their hard working money to see them play. In talking to some of the players , the reason they got down on one knee , is a lot of the players were forced to get down on one knee , I mean pressure from some of their fellow players . Telling them if you don’t get down on one knee like the six of us when they sing the national anthem , you will have to put up with the consequences that we will put on you in the locker room at your house , on your family for not following what we want you to do. So it wasn’t that players didn’t want to stand for the national anthem , it’s because they were threatened by the Outrageous behavior of the terrorist players . When you see Carroll the coach of Seattle in the locker room cheering on Brandt while he burns the American flag along with the rest of the players cheering him on , even while someone is taking video of the situation , then that’s wrong. However after that event happened the players who took no part on that burning of the flag were attacked by their lockers when the terrorist players threatened to assault them where they stood . Some guys especially the minority white Guy’s , stood up to these assholes telling them you do anything ,myopic will pay a heavy price ,me specially if you can no longer play the rest of the season. If you want to push that issue come on , you have to stand up for yourself , you can’t let these animals push you around . You have heard stories wher some players have tackled their own teammates in practice hitting them really hard , especially the Quarterback in one team wher he was tackled and now hads back problems , because of the severity of the attack. It’s
    Ike when these black players especially go after white players on opposing teams and when they tackle them ,,put their fists in the air simulating black power over hurting a White player . These occurrences will continue until someone in management doesn’t put a stop to it , by threatening them with fines and trading the guy to other teams , or someone is going to be shot.

  • THE PROBLEM IS THAT A HUGE CONTROVERS EXCIST ABOUT US HISTORICAL FACTS AND AND THE US NATIONAL ANTHEM? us aMERICANS ARE SIMPLE M/INDED PEOPLE, DONT CONSIDER THAT AS AN INSULT, ! US historical facts are invented or embelished or agravated depending friend or foe who commited them i;e the Jewish Talmud it’s just that they didn’t learned to question situations, not in history, not in daily life, not in politics and not in situations created by warmongers, they didn’t learned posing questions like, who, what where why and wenn , thats your problem ans so is your difficult earned money spoiled on bombs and armement to put other people in huge misery and dire situations !

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