Lennon and George HarrisonLennon and George Harrison

“Strumming Legends: Rediscovered 12-String Framus ‘Hootenanny’ – A Harmonic Journey of Beatles Lore, Resurrected for Auction!

Unveiling a Melodic Relic: Dive into the Tale of the Acoustic Marvel Reverberating with John Lennon and George Harrison’s Genius.

Lennon and George Harrison

Crafted in Germany, This Sonic Time Capsule Boasts a Spruce Top, Mahogany Back and Sides, and a 19-Fret Rosewood Fretboard. Authenticated by Renowned Beatles Expert Andy Babiuk, Its Distinctive Markings Echo the Iconic Sounds of ‘Help!’, ‘You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away’, and ‘It’s Only Love’.

Lost in the Dust, Reborn in Harmony: Journeying from Attic to Auction, Witness the Restoration Masterpiece by Ryan Schuermann of LA Guitar Repair. A Neck Reset, Top Repair, and Bridge Treatment Resurrect this Once-Silent Witness of Musical History.

George Harrison

Step into the Rhythmic Saga at Julien’s Auctions ‘Music Icons’ Event, Set Amidst the Vibrant Atmosphere of Hard Rock Cafe, New York City, on May 29-30. Brace for the Crescendo as Expectations Soar, Aiming to Shatter Records with this Priceless Relic.

Echoing Through Time: Prepare for a Symphony of Bidding as We Anticipate a New Peak in Beatles Guitar Valuation, Envisioning a Harmonic Triumph Beyond Measure.”