Sarah Palin Reveals How She Stopped Men From Ever Sexually Harassing Her, It’s Brilliant

ormer Alaska Governor and Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin is nicknamed “Grizzly Mama” and “Sarah Barracuda”, both of which speak to her toughness. Sarah Palin is not the type of person that anyone should try to mess with.

However, beyond her obvious personal strength, Palin revealed another reason why, despite being very good-looking, she is not sexually harassed by men. In an interview, an NBC reporter asked Sarah, “Have you ever experienced sexual harassment in the workplace as an ambitious woman in public life?”

Sarah Palin

The politician and conservative activist replied, “You know, I think a whole lot people know that I’m probably ‘packing’ – so, I don’t think there’s a whole lot of people who would necessarily mess with me.”

Palin’s blunt and helpful response clearly struck a chord with viewers. Wrote one conservative Twitter user smartly as a reaction, “I’m starting to see why so many big Hollywood actors, directors, and producers are against allowing women to carry concealed guns for self defense. If you’re gonna commit a crime, make sure your victim is unarmed. It’s sickening, but makes sense.”

Strong female Palin is clearly proud of women who have finally found the courage to speak up about having been sexually harassed and abused. However, she explained that it is a double-edged sword, explaining, “In some respects, it’s great that finally people are talking about this issue because it’s gotta stop. If we truly are one standing up for equality in the workplace, the only way that we’re going to really see manifested equality is for that practice to stop.” She added, “Though floodgates are really opened right now that could lead to a lot of false accusations that really harm an innocent person.” Do you think Palin is right that more women should concealed carry? Watch below:

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