Sheriff Clarke Just Set The Liberal Media ON FIRE With Epic 13 Words That’ll Ruin Them

Sheriff Clarke VIDEO

Everyone is going wild over a comment that the liberal media and Democrats said that President Trump told to the family of a fallen servicemen. Now Trump denies that he told the widow “he knew what he signed up for.”


“Sure it’s being politicized. Look, President Trump is very sensitive in these situations.”

Sheriff ClarkeSheriff Clarke

“We know he supports the us military, he’s made that very clear during the campaign and law enforcement as well.”

“Look I know that thing was taken out of context. We all know.”

“For nearly 40 years myself in law enforcement, we know what we sign up for and what he’s talking about is they knew that they were defending the country, they knew that they were needed, they understood the sacrifice that had to made.”

Sheriff Clarke gives an EPIC response to the crooked media in this recent debacle. 


“That thing was taken entirely out of context, Shame on the left and anybody who would exploit that thing over the body of a servicemen coming back in a flag-draped coffin.”

Sheriff Clarke just nailed it! The liberal media should be ashamed of themselves for politicizing this yet again and using a fallen servicemen as an opportunity to attack the President.

The left and liberal media have proven themselves yet again to have absolutely no moral compass and I am glad that characters like Sheriff Clarke who also understand what it means to serve and put yourself on the line for the service of this country to put the liberal media in their place.

If you agree with Sheriff Clarke then let’s give him a big AMEN by sharing this out like crazy! Thanks for reading and God Bless! 

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