BREAKING: Investigation into Trump server found THAT OBAMA AND HILLARY WILL ROT IN JAIL!!!

Former President Barack Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton used all their power to stop Donald Trump from winning the election.

They used all federal agencies to go after him, which is a huge disappointment.

They must be arrested and sentenced in prison for life.


Circa’s Sara Carter said that an investigation into a Trump server found no evidence of Russian collusion. She spoke to Sean Hannity on Fox News this Thursday. “So there were two warrants granted,” Hannity asked. “One was the FISA warrant, explain that and the other warrant, and explain that they found no evidence of any Russian collusion at all, and that’s what your report says?”

According to our source, USA Politics Today, Sara responded, Yeah, basically what we discovered through our sources was that the investigation into Trump’s server, which remember, is not inside Trump Tower, but outside Trump Tower, but registered to Trump, showed no evidence of any criminal activity that would warrant any kind of prosecution of anybody in the Trump team. So that was a very short-lived investigation.”

“Now, there was also a separate FISA,” she continued, referring to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. “It was an over-all FISA. I don’t have as much information on that. That FISA, though, was a general FISA that covered the whole Russian hacking investigation. Now, whether or not there were people connected to that FISA, we don’t really know. But we know that the warrant to look into Trump’s server found nothing criminal in that investigation.”

“Wasn’t one FISA and one not?” Hannity asked.

“Exactly, one was the FISA,” Carter replied. “The server was not the FISA. It was a regular warrant. The FBI had a traditional investigation when they went into that server. And it was very short-lived. So they didn’t spend a lot of time in the server. They went in there, they didn’t find anything and, in fact, they said they didn’t investigate any emails and they didn’t listen to any phone calls.”

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