Tucker vs. Sessions Opponent: ‘Do You Have Evidence or Did You Hear It on MSNBC ?’




Tucker Carlson debated a national security analyst who said Attorney General Jeff Sessions must resign.

Arash Aramesh said Sessions should resign because he allegedly worked with the help of the Russians to get President Trump elected.

Appearing to refer to Sessions, Gen. Michael Flynn and others, Aramesh said the men “thought it would be a good idea to get help from a foreign adversary to get their guy elected because Hillary Clinton was a nasty woman.”

“They’re going to pay for it,” Aramesh said.

Carlson said there was no proof that Sessions colluded with Russia, and dismissed Tuesday’s hearing as a charade.

“Do you have any evidence at all, or is this just something you heard on MSNBC?” he asked.

Aramesh said there is “circumstantial evidence” that links Sessions to “improper behavior.”

He said Sessions is not a traitor but that he was wrong to allegedly seek help from Moscow.


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